Discipline Procedures

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Discipline Procedures

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I sincerely hope to not have to resort to anything outlined here, but just so everyone knows what to expect.

Failure to follow the rules or to engage in unacceptable conduct will result in disciplinary action.
  • A warning PM and /or email will be sent requesting that there be no repeat of the said behaviour.
  • A formal warning will be issued. This will stay on your profile for a minimum of 90 days. Any further rule breaches or unacceptable behaviour during the time this warning is on your profile will result in a suspension of two weeks minimum from the forum.
  • Suspension from the forum for a set time period to be decided by admin. On return to the forum, any further breaches of the rules within 12 months will result in an immediate ban from the forum.
  • Banning from the forum,
The disciplinary process can be initiated at any step at the discretion of admin, depending upon the seriousness of the behaviour.

On a seperate note, if anyone posts any inappropriate or abusive comments, and we decide exceptionally not to ban them, they will be placed on to post moderation which means that any comments they make will need to be approved by a moderator before being posted. Again, this is not a path I would hope we will need to go down.
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